GYUTO – Masaru Knives Malaysia


**Gyuto Knife:**

A Gyuto knife is like the Japanese version of an all-purpose chef's knife. Think of it as the Japanese take on the classic Western chef's knife, setting the standard for all knives. In a regular Japanese kitchen, the Gyuto is the go-to for slicing and chopping various foods, including meats and veggies. But here's the catch - it's a bit more inclined towards cutting meat. Apart from its tough steel blade, it comes with a cool octagonal wooden handle called Wa-Gyuto, making it not just practical but also pretty and durable to use.

**Advantages of Gyuto Knives:**

Known for its light and thin blade, the Gyuto knife is perfect for both pros and home cooks. The blade has a slight curve and a flat spot, giving it flexibility for rocking strokes and push cutting. It's your go-to tool for mincing, chopping, and slicing through meats, seafood, veggies, and fruits with ease and precision. The pointed tip, aligned with the center of gravity, makes it essential for carving and precise cuts in tight spots, without tiring the chef's wrist.

**Common Queries about Gyuto Knives:**

*What's a Gyuto knife?*
A Gyuto knife is your kitchen multitasker. From slicing meats to chopping veggies, it can handle a wide range of tasks. Thanks to its flat heel, it's great for rocking motions, making chopping, cutting, and mincing super easy.
*How does Gyuto differ from Santoku?*
Gyuto and Santoku knives are versatile buddies, but they have their differences. Gyuto usually has a longer, curved blade with a sharper tip, perfect for rocking cutting. Santoku, on the flip side, sports a shorter blade and a less sharp tip.