TADOKORO HAMONO - Marushin Makoto-saku” 真琴作 – Masaru Knives Malaysia

TADOKORO HAMONO - Marushin Makoto-saku” 真琴作

Introducing “Marushin Makoto-saku” 真琴作 by Tadokoro San, a seasoned knife sharpener hailing from Tosa, Japan. Commencing his journey at 15 under the guidance of the renowned Sakai sharpener Morihiro-san, Tadokoro now boasts 25 years of expertise, infusing traditional techniques into his craft.

Tadokoro knives, collaboration forged by Satoshi Nakagawa in Sakai and meticulously finished by Tadokoro in Tosa, exemplify superior grind and exquisite detailing through a meticulous 30+ step finishing tradition mastered by the artisan.

In 2010, he ventured into independence, establishing Tosa Knife Studio Tadokoro Hamono after training in Sakai City. His brand “ Marushin ” gained recognition, and with over 29 years in the industry, Tadokoro has become one of Japan’s leading sharpeners, earning trust from masters, craftsmen, and chefs alike.

His dedication culminated in the “50 Greatest Techniques of Japan,” with Makoto Marushin recognized among the Japanese Masterpieces. Tadokoro’s commitment to crafting kitchen knives by hand sets “Marushin Makoto-saku” apart in an industry where machine production dominates, garnering acclaim from chefs both in Japan and abroad. An artisan with over 29 years of mastery, Tadokoro continues to strive for excellence, ensuring each creation is a world-class masterpiece. "