Masaru Knives Malaysia | SAKAI TAKAYUKI 界孝行


Sakai Takayuki Knives by Aoki Hamono are the pinnacle of a 600-year legacy rooted in Sakai, a city renowned as Japan's cutlery heartland for professionals. This iconic brand embodies the essence of Japanese knife craftsmanship, thriving within Sakai's domain of highly skilled artisans and blacksmiths wielding timeless traditional techniques, crafting exquisite and incredibly efficient blades.

Collaborating with esteemed blacksmiths like Itsuo Doi and Kenji Togashi, along with the revered knife-sharpening masters of the Yamatsuka family, Sakai Takayuki's own factory reverberates with their fervor, fashioning unparalleled knives catering to professionals, chefs, and even home enthusiasts. Every blade undergoes meticulous hand-sharpening, ensuring unmatched sharpness straight out of the box, beckoning you to indulge in the Takayuki quality firsthand.

This esteemed lineage of Sakai Takayuki knives traces back to six centuries of masterful craftsmanship by the skilled artisans of Sakai, Osaka Prefecture. The impeccable artistry and technology that birth these knives have endured, remaining steadfast in its excellence.

Helmed by the revered head blacksmith, Itsuo Doi, Sakai Takayuki's ensemble of craftsmen stands united under Doi's exacting standards. His legacy reverberates in the ruggedly resilient Guren Series, showcasing the relentless dedication and uncompromising quality synonymous with Sakai Takayuki.