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In the heart of Nagasaki lies the venerable legacy of Matsubara Knives, an esteemed institution crafted by the skilled hands of Katsuto Tanaka, a fourth-generation blacksmith. The narrative of Matsubara Hamono is nothing short of captivating, tracing its roots back to the historic Battle of Dan-no-ura in 1185, where the tradition of Japanese blade craftsmanship began to take shape.

With a lineage spanning centuries, Tanaka's mastery of traditional forging techniques has honed over two decades, each strike of his hammer infusing soul into the blades. The tale of Matsubara's knives, steeped in history, reflects the city's longstanding commitment to this artisanal craft, boasting a heritage that surpasses eight centuries.

Renowned for their impeccable quality, Matsubara knives are revered across Japan for their excellence. The ranges they produce bear testament to Tanaka's expertise, incorporating revered Shirogami and Aogami cores, two of the finest carbon steel cores that grace the landscape of Japanese cutlery.

This amalgamation of history, expertise, and tradition culminates in blades that transcend time, embodying the essence of Matsubara's dedication to excellence and the relentless pursuit of perfection in each meticulously crafted knife.