Masaru Knives Malaysia | TERUYASU FUJIWARA 藤原照康


Master Teruyasu Fujiwara and the Legacy of Fujiwara Knives:

Master Teruyasu Fujiwara, the fourth-generation blacksmith of the esteemed Fujiwara family, carries a legacy steeped in sword-forging history dating back to 1870. In the aftermath of the Second World War, when sword production faced limitations, Mr. Fujiwara ingeniously adapted traditional blade forging techniques from the early-Meiji era to craft modern kitchen knives. His mission is clear: to create practical, exceptionally durable knives that can endure for decades. In his own words, these knives are "expected to be passed down from father to son, and mother to daughter."

150 Years of Tradition in Every Knife:

Established over 150 years ago as a Japanese sword manufacturer, their commitment in preserving traditional artistry led them to transform into creators of handcrafted kitchen knives. While they regret that experiencing the sharpness and splendor of traditional swords directly may not be possible for everyone, therefore they proudly assure everyone that their handcrafted kitchen knives, following the same methodology as Japanese swords or "KATANA," embody authenticity and sharpness. As the fourth successor, Master Teruyasu Fujiwara guarantees that his products, regardless of how long you use them, will be perceived as not just sharp, but also invaluable in everyday utility.

Preserving Traditional Skills for Your Satisfaction:

Fujiwara dedication is to perpetuate and enhance the same traditional Japanese sword manufacturing skills, ensuring that their products consistently meet your expectations for sharpness and longevity.