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Sharpening Services in Partner with K.Sharpening


Restore your knives to their optimal performance because being blunt just won't cut it! Similar to how cars need regular servicing, all knives need sharpening eventually. A dull knife is inherently riskier to use than a sharp one, as cutting should rely on the knife's geometry.
As a result, dull knives often necessitate more force than necessary for a given task, potentially leading to more severe injuries. We provide knife sharpening and restoration services. All the knives are sharpen with whetstones. 



No Chips Price

RM 2.5 Per Inch


Minor Fix Price

RM 3 Per Inch


Chips Badly and Deep

RM 4 -RM 6 Per Inch



For knives with big chips, broken tips, or other damages, we will assess the repair cost on a case-by-case basis and advice accordingly.
Work will only commence if you are acceptable of the quoted repair fees.


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