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Matsubara Kurouchi Shirogami #1 Gyuto 210mm
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Masaru Knives Malaysia

Matsubara Kurouchi Shirogami #1 Gyuto 210mm

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This gyuto was forged in traditional handwork by Tanaka-san from the Matsubara forge in Japan. The chef's knife is ground on both sides and has a matte Kurouchi finish. Kurouchi is a special type of surface finish that is not atypical on Japanese knives. The surface is carbonized and therefore black. This blade finish significantly improves the resistance and corrosion resistance of the knife, in addition to creating this rustic aesthetic. The core of the blade is made of White #1 steel. White #1, or Shirogami 1, is a steel made by Hitachi and is extremely popular with Japanese chef's knives, as it brings ideal properties for a sharp blade. The steel (Japanese: Hagane) can be brought to over 65 HRC depending on the hardening process, which allows the blade to be ground very sharp. A layer of softer carbon steel is welded around the blade core using the San Mai method. The softer carbon steel on the blade blade not only protects the inner steel core, but also gives the blade a degree of flexibility.

This kitchen knife can be used for many areas and is the equivalent of the western chef's knife. The 210 mm long blade runs in a large radius to the tip, allowing the knife to roll optimally when cutting. The blade area close to the handle is also suitable for chopping the material to be cut, as the blade can lie flat on the cutting board in this area. Coarse cutting work, e.g. of meat or large vegetables, is just as possible as fine cutting of fish, onions and chopping of herbs. The knife is suitable for professional chefs as well as amateur chefs who are looking for an all-purpose knife with a large blade and an unusual but traditional design. Despite the weight of about 191 grams, this knife is very agile and allows precise work.

Brand : Matsubara
Blacksmith :Katsuto Tanaka 松原勝人
Blade : Shirogami #1 白鋼1号 Kurouchi Finished
Handle : Octagonal RoseWood
Length Handle : 135mm
Bevel : 50/50
Length : 210mm
HRC : 63
Weight : 191g
Height : 59mm
1.Do not attempt to cut frozen item or bones as it may result chip or worst.
2. Remember to keep your knife dry after use. Do not store them close to a water source.
3. Always wash your knife after cutting something acidic as it will react to the blade and cause a burnt mark or worst.
4. Please make sure you apply a layer of oil after wash and dry to prevent it from rust during storage.