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Shapton Pro Whetstone #8000
Shapton Pro Whetstone #8000
Shapton Pro Whetstone #8000
Masaru Knives Malaysia

Shapton Pro Whetstone #8000

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Professional Quality

Shapton is serious about calling these Professional stones. Hard working professional sharpeners need stones that they can rely on. Stones that sharpen fast and well without wasting time. The Kuromaku Professional stones do just that.

Melon #8000 - Fine

The Melon #8000 is a very popular fine stone. It is another popular choice for finishing work on kitchen cutlery and a progression mid-point for straight razors. This level of grit can also be used in edge-trailing, stropping applications for knife maintenance


✦ Splash and Go - The Kuromaku stones do not absorb water like many other water stones do. This means that there is no soaking required prior to using them. Get them wet, and start sharpening. No time spent waiting for them to saturate.

✦ Fast Cutting - Kuromaku Professional stones sharpen fast. In our tests, they are among the fasting cutting of water stones. Whether you are sharpening for yourself or for a customer, they are perfect for getting an edge sharp, and getting it back to work.

✦ Hard Wearing - No one likes the time spent flattening water stones, and while the Kuromaku Professionals do need to be flattened, they require less flattening less often than inferior quality stones, saving valuable time for the professional or serious home sharpener.