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Nigara Hamono 二唐作

Nigara Hamono 二唐刃物

Nigara Hamono was appointed by the Tsugaru region over 350 years ago to craft Japanese swords. As one of the esteemed noble swordsmiths in Japan, they have steadfastly preserved this ancient craft. During the Showa period, the 5th generation master swordsmith, Kunitoshi Nigara, achieved legendary status for his exquisite work, making him a national treasure.

In the present day, Tsuyoshi Yoshizawa, the 8th generation and a young blacksmith (son of the company’s president, Toshiju Yoshizawa), is carrying forward the family's cherished traditions, crafting distinctive knives.

Nigara Hamono created a unique Tsuchime pattern like the dragon scale, The finish of the jigane is truly unique on this knife - while the tsuchime patterns have an almost matt nashiji-like texture, giving this knife a sophisticated accent.