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Torresz started picking up his interest in cooking since college from watching cooking show and YouTube Videos. At his attempt to prepare his own sashimi cuts with a freshly bought fish, he got into trouble from slicing the beautiful fresh cut fillet due to his dull knife. It took him awhile to remove it's skin and the slices wasn’t what he wanted. The result was disappointing for him. At the very moment he knows what he needs to do. Sharpen his KNIVES! 


Torresz then started his journey by sharpening his very own knives, self taught from watching videos and work his way in mastering the techniques. Having a full time job as an engineer and now with a 4 years of sharpening experience, it has also turned into one of his hobby. While enjoying the process of sharpening, it also turned into a business model to fund for his sharpening equipments and also to satisfy his thirst of sharpening.   

Torresz is now based in Kepong, and anyone are free and welcome to send his or her knives for service. He continues to educate and provide services including sharpening, thinning of blades, polishing, restoration and also re-profiling for most types of knives.


 k sharpening Masaru Knives Malaysia


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